Wedding preparation

My mentor and her family had left Lagos, they were back to base. So, I joined them, continued working and at the same time preparing for my wedding.

One day, after Bible study, I was in the kitchen with my mentor, we were fixing dinner. Pastor walked in and we all were talking and laughing. He said something that amazed me till date and makes me stand in awe of God.

Let me give you a little info about my Pastor. My Pastor is a man of integrity, who loves God and people. He is not only a Pastor, he is a life coach. Through the instrumentality of God’s word and prayer, he grooms men for life and destiny. He is a busy man and is highly honored and respected.

So, what did he say? He said: “Bisi, I am clearing my schedule to be at your wedding”. In my mind I said “Did I hear correctly?” My Pastor is clearing his schedule to be at my wedding! Not just be at the wedding, but he is the one that will join my husband and I, and pronounce us “Husband and Wife”.

This was and is still a big deal to me because, if you know him, you will understand the way I felt. There were associate Pastors he could assign to do the joining but he chose to do it. This was (still is) a great privilege for me: to have my Pastor and mentor be at my wedding. With that joy, I continued planning for our wedding.

Preparing for marriage

While the preparation was ongoing, we secured an apartment (although small) miraculously. All I needed to do was repaint and move in with my luggage. It was furnished! The apartment had a room that was both the living and bedroom, a small kitchen and a small bathroom. The kitchen and bathroom could only accommodate one person at a time.

marriage preparation

I paid someone to clean it up and moved my bags in, dropped my wedding dress, bouquet and some other things there but I was still at my mentor’s place. A day to my wedding, I moved to the apartment and I was there with my chief bride’s maid-VANESSA. This lady is amazing. She is the type of friend that one needs in a life time.  When she sings, the presence of God fills the room. She plays guitar and she is very good at making people’s hair. And as expected, she made my hair for my wedding.

So, we were together in my new but small apartment. Looking back, I appreciate the little beginning. I am grateful to the holy Spirit for helping me see correctly, such that I did not despise the days of little beginning because naturally, I dislike small houses. A big the house was my thing. I love it when I can move from one place to another and not feel caged. I was able to see beyond the small apartment, I knew that it was a phase I had to go through.

Learning to abase and abound

This phase taught me how to be abased. I understand what it means to have little and be grateful to God because I understood that all things (both the small apartment and picking up a teaching job) work together for my good.

good and bad times

It is good not to despise the days of little beginning, it is also important to know the purpose of the little beginning, is this little beginning meant to build a virtue in me that I will need in the next phase of my life so that I can be complete, thoroughly equipped for task ahead?

Is it a period to learn or unlearn somethings? There are times you learn and there are times you unlearn. For me, it was a period to build inner strength that I needed for the next phase of my life. Boy, I tell you the next phase wasn’t funny.

Hahahaha! Thank God I allowed God to work in me and on me. There are times God allows some situations in your life (PS: there are some situations that God allows to happen in your life and there are some that are not God’s will for you. Please, note the ones that are not in accordance with God’s word and will for you and deal with them accordingly through the help of the Holy Spirit) for different reasons. I will share and shed more light on one of these in subsequent posts.

Reflecting on God’s love

This season, my absoluteness on God’s love for me and His faithfulness became rock solid. It was a season when my knowledge of God’s love for me and that He is with me no matter the situation became stronger. Nobody can talk me out of God’s love for me and His faithfulness because I have seen it work in my life.

God's love

So, I was in my new apartment with my friend Vanessa. Some friends wanted to come over and spend some time with me, being my last day as a single lady but I declined. Not because I didn’t like them. Naturally, I wanted them to come, play music, dance and have fun but I needed time to be alone. It was less than 24hours to my wedding, I wanted to have a time of reflection.

I wanted to reflect on the faithfulness of God; how far He has brought me, the point I was, and the new phase/life I was about to enter into. It was a crucial moment for me. Thank God, I allowed myself the time to be alone. There are times you have to say “No” not because you don’t like the people involved but because you have to attend to yourself, because you have to attend to destiny matters.

Less than 24hrs to my wedding

I unpacked my bag, and while I was doing this, I was praying. Afterwards I went to the bathroom to observe my night routine-brush and shower. While I was in the bathroom, I was praying. #smile# Before this night, I had prayed about my marriage countless times, but this night, I felt a pull in my spirit to be in God’s presence.

I was praying and my spirit led friend- Vanessa played a song on her phone and that was it for me. I got the word I needed from God to enter into my marriage. The song she played resonated with me. It hasn’t left me and it can’t because that was God’s word given to me. I put the song on repeat and it kept playing while I prayed, it kept playing while I had a deep communion with GOD—my Father–my source and sustainer.

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