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Growth does not happen when you lament/complain.You stop growing when you lament/complain.But the moment you stop complaining, and start giving thanks, there is clarity.

You see clearly and what you see is clear enough to propel you to the right action.The atmosphere around a person that complains is gloomy. Even when you are shinning a light, he won’t see because his mind is focused on the complaint.To see the light, there has to be a change of Focus.


The moment there is a switch from complaining to Giving of Thanks, the Atmosphere changes, the situation changes. So, instead of complain, choose to give Thanks.

People complain because they focus on what they do not have and what is not working rather than focus on what they have and what is working. Complaining drains energy. Oh give thanks to God for He is good and His mercy endures forever.

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Your Inner Space.

Do not complain to God about the outcomes of your life. It is as a result of the input you permitted.The inner space of your life is meant for certain people(s).

Bring these people in, let go of the ones that are not needed. Fill the inner space of your life with the people that matter, the ones that will help you move forward.

 Be deliberate about the people you let in into this inner space of your life. These are the people you listen to, share (ideas, thoughts, doubts) with.

They had better be people who see believe in you. They had better be people who desire to see the best of you. They had better be people who can call you to order when you go off course.

If these people are good/right, your outcomes in life will be. But if they’re not, be sure that your outcomes won’t be good. So, dearly beloved, choose wisely (by the help of the Holy Spirit) members of your inner circle.

Because they go a long way in determining whether you will walk successfully the path that’s been earmarked for you.

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 There is a times to be outside and a time to be inside

When it is time to be inside, stay inside and dig deep

Dig deep and see, dig deep and know, dig deep and hear

Dig deep and be clear.

For the season of staying inside will be over

And you have to step outside

And move according to what you saw inside

It will be worth the wait, our time spent inside

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Dig deep to seek His face

Make out time to be with Him

Make the time spent in His presence qualitative


Pray by the help of the Holy Spirit

Meditate on His word

Ask Him to show you what He is doing;

In your life, and in the world.


Ask Him what part you have to play

Ask Him for strength to play your part

Be sincere, be desirous, be patient, and be quiet

To hear Him when He speaks.