Our wedding


Yaaaaah! It’s my wedding day! I was so happy and I couldn’t keep it to myself. My chief bride’s maid and I moved to my hotel room for better photo shoots. And guess what? The room was fully paid for.

My husband and I didn’t spend a dime on that wedding. You know that type of wedding where all that is required of you is your presence? All that is required of you is just to SHOW UP.

Yes! That was the type of wedding we had. All expenses paid for. Yes, you heard me right. All we did was we showed up.

God still does wonders

Beloved, God is still in the business of doing miracles. Nobody told me I was going to have an all-expense paid for wedding. All I did was; I loved God (still do), trusted Him and believed His word.

God of wonders

The truth is I didn’t have everything figured out. I Still don’t. But all I knew was (1) God loves me. (2) His thoughts towards me are thoughts of peace not of evil, to give me a future and a hope.

I didn’t know how the end would look like. There were times when I didn’t have an idea of what the future looked like. And at such times, I ask God all the questions I could think of.

He tells me to keep walking with Him, that His thoughts towards me are of peace Jer 29:11. I kept walking with God and did what He told me to do (there were times I didn’t do what He told me to do. I am not a perfect girl. YEAH! There were times I disobeyed God).

Walking with God one step after the other, trusting Him to lead you into what He has prepared for you is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

Even when the situation around looks uninteresting, trust Him, believe Him that has started a good work in you will finish it. He hasn’t brought you this far to leave you.

My Happiest Day

Did you know that we absolutely forgot about the wedding cake while we were planning for the wedding? Who does that right? Hahahahaha! At the wedding reception, we saw a (our) wedding cake.

wedding day

I was happy this day and I danced my heart out in my cute wedding dress. #snaps finger#. We were pronounced husband and wife #dancing some more# hahaha.

After the short reception, we left for another photo session before we retired to the moon. Hmm, I had an uninteresting experience that night which could have been avoided. I experienced muscle pull on my feet. I forgot to change from my high heel wedding sandal to a flat/no heel sandal.

So we were on the moon for a few days. We went to the moon after our wedding on Thursday and came back to the earth on Sunday. We transported ourselves to the church via public transportation (Bus). It is not all those beautiful buses.

Let me help your understanding a little bit; I grew up in Nigeria and we had our wedding ceremony in Ile-Ife in Osun State. Public means of transportation at that time wasn’t fun at all.

Besides, as a new couple, it is beautiful to ride in your own car you know instead of using a public means of transportation.

We got to the church, gave thanks to God, shared our testimony, danced, said hello to friends, and traveled to Lagos after church service.

My husband leaving

I hope you’ve not forgotten that my husband was preparing to go to France for his Master’s Degree in Robotic Engineering? So, we had to go to Lagos to tidy up preparation for his trip as his flight was on Tuesday. Hahahaha.

So, there we were at the airport, saying goodbye #smile#. I did not cry because there was no reason to, plus it wasn’t just me to do such publicly. If I wanted to, I would have done it back at home.

saying goodbye

Saying goodbye was really hard. We just got married a few days ago, barely spent time together as newlyweds.

Before now, I thought within me, (as I do a lot of my talking in my mind) why would you allow Femi go to France at this time of your life, you two just got married for heaven sake?

I smiled and answered myself; Femi did not wake up today and decided he was going to France.

During our courtship, he said it over and over again that he would study abroad, the course he’s going to study has been his dream(course) long before we met. Now his dream is manifesting physically, I can’t stop him from embracing his dream.

The pain of letting go

Naturally, it wasn’t easy to let him go. As a matter of fact, when I got back home I CRIED!

Yes, I cried my eyes out BUT, long before we got married, I promised myself to help Femi fulfill God’s purpose for his life. Not stop him from fulfilling it, hence my decision to let him go to France.

lonely and sad

Like I said earlier, I cried, it was painful, my companion, my best friend was going to be away for nine months. It was a tough decision to make. I was to choose between having my husband or letting him go embrace his dream.

I chose to let him go because like Femi would say: “It is for the greater good”. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.

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