Divine Moments

God’s word brought about  divine moments

I received those words with thanksgiving, and I continued discharging my duties as a greeter. It was the end of the school year, exams were the in thing. I sat for the exam and I had a B in the course I was re-taking. I was happy.

After the results were released, I was officially awarded a Bachelor of Art degree in French Language. . Yeeaaah! I was happy and at the same time a little bit worried. Before serving my country as a National Youth Service Corp, (this was a program organized by the Federal government of my country for every graduate to undergo, this was a criterion for employers look out for before employing you), I had a couple of months. I considered traveling to a French speaking country (since I studied French Language) to work and probably get some certifications. This idea was a good one. I prayed about it and asked God should I go ahead? I was shocked to hear Him say “NO”. You mean I shouldn’t travel? Wow!

Hearing and Obeying God

I spoke with my mentor, who is the wife of the pastor of the church I attended during this period. She asked me if I had prayed to God about the idea, I said Yes. And she asked what God told me? I said “God said that I shouldn’t travel” She said “okay, so you’re not traveling”. This was a big deal to me.

Obeying God

As a member of that church, we were taught not just the pure, undiluted word of God, we were taught to nurture our relationship with God, such that we CAN hear Him when He speaks to us. I mean you can hear God when He speaks to you about you and about others.

So, I trashed the idea of traveling to a French speaking country. It was quite painful, but I’d rather obey God than do it my own way because; He created me, He knows what He has planned for me, He knows the end from the beginning. I can remember clearly the meeting I had with my mentor that helped me obey God’s instruction: not to travel to a French speaking country. It was an appointment with destiny, a meeting had I missed, I won’t be where I am today. It was a time I encountered my divine moment.

Encountering my Divine Moment

In life, there are moments called “DIVINE MOMENTS”. These moments are planned, orchestrated by God. These moments, change the course of your life (for the best). It could be a sermon preached in church, it could be meeting with someone, it could be being present at a conference, etc. This is the reason I often say this prayer: “Father, help me by your spirit not to miss my divine moments”

My divine moment

These moments are very important and if you have a relationship with God, one that causes you to fellowship with Him daily, one that causes you to fellowship with Him often, you should not miss your divine moments. If you are sincere, I mean genuine about fulfilling God’s plans for your life, He will order your steps, such that you would not miss your divine moments (if you obey the instruction He gives you). This has been my testimony. Follow God, this simply means; do what He says to do.
WARNING: the instruction(s) might not be sweet, it might not make sense to your natural mind, it might cause to cry, and it might make you smile and giggle, and happy and dance for joy; in which ever form it comes, make sure you OBEY.

So, towards the end of the meeting with my mentor, she offered me a job. A job that changed me (I became a better version of me), a job that changed my course in life, a job that gave birth to wonderful things in my life, a job that I am yet to recover from its impact, a job that still produces good fruits in me now. The job did not just impact on my character, it also impacted on my fellowship with God in a huge and positive way.

My divine moments: Mentorship

This brings me to another point: MENTORSHIP. A mentor is an experienced and trusted adviser, who trains and counsels. The tremendous progresses I have made in my life, by the grace of God, I made them under the mentorship of the mentors God led me to. While choosing a mentor, let God lead you. You shouldn’t choose a mentor just because you like him/her (this is a criteria though). The primary criteria amongst others is let God lead you in choosing a mentor. This is worthy of note as well: the posture of a mentor and mentee/protegee.


Imagine this scenario: you want to give me a key. As the receiver, my hand will be beneath yours. Your hand will be above mine because you’re the giver. With this posture, giving and receiving is smooth. If the order is reversed, that is, your hand (the giver) is beneath mine (the receiver), receiving won’t be as smooth as it is in the first order.

So, my mentor asked if I could be her personal Assistant? I replied “Yes” and I resumed the following day. It was my first job. My first official working with a Church, that is awesome. So literally, I stopped sitting at the back seat as a greeter, I sat in the front seat as the P.A to the Pastor’s wife.

Remember God told me that He would change my seat from the back row to the front row. Read The change : Serving in Church

He did it. Dearly Beloved, only God can make happen what His mouth has said. He alone has the power to bring to fusion the words He has spoken. Whatever He has said to you, believe it, and give Him thanks because He is a faithful God. He does what He says. He will never go back on His word. Repose faith in Him, even when situations around you are saying what is contrary to what God has said. He will come through, He is too faithful to fail.


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