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Month: May 2019

The Decision- Love waits

My love Femi did all he could to salvage my falling academics, but it was too late. I did not graduate with a good CGPA, in fact, I had to re-take a course I didn’t do well in. Meaning, my days on campus as a student were...

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The Proposal

The day of the proposal I was on my way to a program organized for Ladies this faithful day, and as usual, I was talking to God as I made my way to the venue of the program. I spoke to God and He responded and I was just having...

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My Destiny Friend Showed Up

My friend woke me from my low self esteem Twelve months had gone by and I was in my second year in the University. I met a lot of people, some I related well with and some I couldn’t because of low self esteem. Yes I had low...

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