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How My Journey With God Started.

With all the thoughts in my mind, I suddenly paused (didn’t know why) and I heard this question right there in my mind; "Olabisi (that is my name), from everything you have heard and seen about God, don’t you think you should give Him a chance in your life?"


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Time to Go

My decision If it was time to go or stay After my national youth service corps, I stayed with my mentor for a short while. While I was there, I worked unofficially as her PA. The time came when a PA was needed officially and it...


MY HUSBAND IS BACK! Hey! I’m back!! Hahahaha. I’m sorry for being away for so long. Life happened, but thank God I’m here. So, let’s get to it. My husband was away for nine months in France studying. During this time, he came...

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TIMES AND SEASONS  There is a time to be outside and a time to be inside When it is time to be inside, stay inside and dig deep Dig deep and see, dig deep and know, dig deep and hear Dig deep and be clear. For the season of...

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Seasons: Life goes on

SEASON -LIFE GOES ON. The season of my life came where I had to go back to Ile-Ife and pick up a teaching job in a private school. I got a lot of reaction from people both verbal and non-verbal. They were wondering why as a...

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Letting Go after Wedding

LETTING GO AFTER WEDDING Yaaaaah! It’s my wedding day! I was so happy and I couldn’t keep it to myself. My chief bride’s maid and I moved to my hotel room for better photo shoots. And guess what? The room was fully paid for. My...

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